Why you should get your tan from the Bronze Era bottle not the beams

Why you should get your tan from the Bronze Era bottle not the beams

Healthier Skin
Whether you usually achieve your tan from a bottle, the sun, or a spray tan, the end result is always a dreamy golden glow, so which one is the best method? 

If you usually find yourself reaching for the bottle you already know the drill, it’s the safest way to achieve a sun kissed look without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.

Whilst brief sun exposure can have positive benefits such as aiding in the body’s production of melanin and Vitamin D, everyone knows that excessive exposure can cause all the familiar unwanted effects such as premature wrinkles and brown spots and is one of the main causes of skin cancer.


Control and Longevity
Over the decades the popularity of fake tanning has continuously increased with more people opting for a temporary fix, giving you younger looking skin for longer.

No one likes taking off their bikini at the end of the day and seeing those white patches, with Bronze Era you have complete control over where your tan goes, including those hard-to-reach spots. 

Instead of coming out of the sun looking as red as a lobster because you underestimated the strength of the sun, tanning yourself allows you to get to your desired shade, going as dark or as light as you wish.

Not to mention our watermelon scented dark self-tan water will be accessible to you 365 days a year which means you won’t have to chase the summer sun around the globe to maintain your golden glow.

A fake tan gives you the same effect with more control and ease and without the dangers of the sun, our Bronze Era range will have you glowing golden all year round.


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