First time tanning tips

First time tanning tips

If you’ve never self-tanned before, the first time can seem a bit daunting. That’s why BronzeEra has you covered (no pun intended) with the best tips to get you through to the golden finish line with ease.

 We will go step by step through the whole tanning process to make sure you’re in the know about all things tan.

The first cardinal rule of tanning is to exfoliate the skin to remove unwanted skin cells, old tan and anything rough and porous that can ruin an even tan. 

We recommend following these steps the day before you want to tan, to ensure your tan doesn’t soak into your pores which can lead to a patchy finish.

Start by having a hot shower to open up your pores. In the shower try using our Exfoliating mitt with your favourite scrub to leave your skin as smooth as possible. 

Additionally, this would be a good time to shave if you want to, being gentle on your freshly exfoliated skin. (You should always be gentle with your razor anyway.) 

The final step is changing the water temperature too cold to close your pores you just opened to prevent those temperamental dark dots from appearing. 

The final step before applying your tan is to moisturise creating an even base for your tan to lay down smoothly.

After your shower, moisturise everywhere you exfoliated and shaved to keep the moisture in those sensitive areas.

Then the next day when it comes time to tan, we recommend additionally moisturising spots that easily crease or are hard to tan, like your elbows, knees, wrists, feet and hands. 

3. TAN
Now it’s time to tan!

Making sure you have all the right kinds of equipment is key, so we recommend using our Application mitt for the easiest application. This keeps your palms free of unwanted signs of tanning, while giving you the perfect streak free application. 

Using our favourite dark self-tan water, apply a small amount to your mitt, working in long sweeping motions move the tan all over your body in large strokes for an even finish. Work in small sections like your arms first, then torso, then legs etc, making sure that the tan is all buffed in before you move onto the next section to prevent patches. 

For tricky areas such as your face, ears, hands and feet we recommend using our favourite vegan blending brush. 

The next step is definitely the easiest, all you have to do now is give yourself the appropriate time to let the tan develop. Wait until the tan dries completely before putting on some loose clothing to stay comfortable in. The beauty about our self-tan water is you don’t have to worry about it transferring to your clothes so if you need to head out you can wear whatever you like without ruining them. The formula is made up to be clear and stain free meaning it’s a no guide product and won't transfer on your sheets or clothing. You have several options, you can either apply it in the morning for that night or the night before you want to wake up bronzed. 

The last step before you enjoy your new tan is to shower, we recommend showering at least 4-6 hours after tanning, or for a longer lasting, deeper looking tan let it develop overnight and then wash it off in the morning. Once you come out of the shower gently patting yourself dry. To keep your tan looking fresh for days after application, moisturise after each shower  you have and enjoy!

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