How to remove your tan from your hands and feet

How to remove your tan from your hands and feet

Tanning your hands and feet can be some of the trickiest spots to tan. Even if you do manage to get good coverage you may notice later when it dries there are some awkward looking streaks. 

The easiest way to remove these annoying marks is by using our Tan Eraser Water, just like water our formula is hydrating and unscented. Our eraser water removes stubborn tan in just under five minutes without scrubbing hard like that of the exfoliation method.


Next time you tan, try exfoliating your hands and feet to avoid those streaky looking marks. Our exfoliating mitt is an essential item in our tanning collection, to use it you just have to rub the mitt over the area you want the tan removed in circular motions. It is crucial to rub very lightly if you want to only even out your tan and not remove it.

Once your hands and feet are now looking at the same level as the rest of your body, finish off the process with moisturiser and continue to moisturise parts of your body like your hands and feet regularly. This will prolong your tan and keep you feeling soft throughout the duration of your tan.

Other methods

If you unfortunately are not in possession of our tan eraser water, there is no need to panic because there are some other home remedies which you could try.

Anything slightly porous like an exfoliator will always be your best bet for removing tan. If you have a body scrub handy try mixing that with a body oil, you can then apply this mixture gently as many times as needed to get your desired look and level of tan.

The way this works is the oil breaks down the components in the tan for easy removal while the scrub exfoliates the colour off and removes old skin cells.

Next time you go to tan look at our other tips and tricks on how to do it most effectively. Check out our first-time tanning tips for an in-depth explanation on how to tan tricky parts like your hands and feet.


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