Tanning tips for your face

Tanning tips for your face

Nothing says you have a sun kissed golden glow like a nice tan on the face. However, we know all of the sun's damaging rays can age you pretty quickly. Which is why we choose to use our dark self-tan water to achieve the same results without the damage. 



When self- tanning the preparation stage is arguably the most important part, and for your face there are no exceptions. We recommend using a gentle exfoliator on your face the day before you tan to remove any unwanted dead skin, this leaves your face prepped for the tan to stick on a smooth base. Always follow this step with whatever other skincare products you usually use suitable for your skin type and needs. 

 Right before you apply your tan, use your favourite cleanser to ensure your skin is as clean as possible and there is no residual makeup or products that will interfere with the way the tan develops. A hot tip when rinsing off your cleanser is to wash it away with cold water, this is a handy trick that closes your pores so the tan wont seep in and cause other issues. 



Once you’re ready to tan your face it’s time to choose the right shade, we recommend using the same product over your whole body to ensure you look as natural and seam free as possible. Our dark self-tan water is the perfect shade for your entire body but if you like a darker shade on your legs or arms, we at least recommend matching your face to your neck and decolletage to ensure there are no awkward harsh lines that look out of place. This technique gives you a seamless looking tan from your head to your chest and so on giving you a perfect faux tan.



We love giving you all the secrets to give you the best tanning outcome, one of our favourite steps is to have some chill time after you’ve applied the tan. We recommend sitting down and taking it easy while you read a book or watch a movie or doing something that won’t involve much facial movement. This may sound like an odd request, but less movement means less streaks in the development, this goes hand in hand with avoiding touching your face to keep smudges and streaks at bay. 

To avoid those streaks from the outset try using our vegan blending brush. We created this brush for the awkward spots a large mitt can’t get to , just like your face. The soft bristles are perfect for your soft skin and allow you to get in awkward spots like around your nose and ears. Of course, the brush is washable and reusable, so it’s ready to go every time you need it.


If you have never tanned your face before and are unsure of how much or little to put and you went a bit overboard, there is a solution. 

Our Tan Eraser Water removes unwanted tan in under five minutes, like our self-tan water there is no nasty smell that you have to worry about putting on your face. This formula is perfect for your body and more importantly your face. We know that the skin on your face is automatically more sensitive and requires more gentle care, so try gently rubbing the water over your face until you have the desired shade. We worked hard on creating this product with its hydrating properties and no artificial colouring , making sure it wouldn’t irritate the skin on your face. Like all of our products our Tan Eraser water is also vegan and cruelty free and approved by PETA.

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