Tanning tips for dry skin

Tanning tips for dry skin

As tanning experts, we know a thing or two about skin. We know that there are several skin types which means there is a need to cater for those differences so everyone receives the best tan they can.

If you’ve clicked on this blog, then your skin might tend to be on the drier side. Having drier skin doesn’t have to be an issue when tanning if you follow some of the easy recommendations.

Whether you suffer from chronic dry skin or have just been lacking with the moisturiser lately, dry skin can be a pain. The easiest way to think about the tanning process is like how you would paint a house, there are several steps you should follow to make sure those walls are as smooth and even as possible.



The secret to any flawless finish lies deep within the beginning stages. Priming whatever surface for coating will leave a smooth and prepped canvas for the magic to work. This philosophy is even more important if you have dry skin.

Begin your prepping stage by taking a long bath that will prep your skin by deeply cleansing it and opening up your pores. Think of this step like removing all the furniture from the room and taping up all the window edges and skirting boards.

Just before you finish your relaxing bath, we recommend using a gentle exfoliator with our exfoliating mitt all over your body to remove unwanted dead skin cells and any old tan that might still be there. Much like sanding down the walls, this removes all the uneven spots leaving a smooth, flawless base ready for application. 

After your soak, the best way to finish your priming stage is to go in with a hydrating moisturiser to give your skin the most moisture needed and something for the tan to stick to. This is like when you prime the walls with paint or with a makeup primer before you apply your foundation. Priming any surface is the key to a smooth, perfect finish.

The hardest part about painting is always said to be the prep stage, like painting these steps  can often feel tedious and time consuming, but are well worth it in the end when your tan looks better than ever.



The most exciting part is when you actually get to lay on the tan. Our dark self-tan water is most importantly a hydrating formula created for the best tan. Its non-sticky and dries streak free, most importantly it moisturises you in addition to adding colour, perfect for those with dry skin. 

Our fresh watermelon scented tan is suitable for all skin types as there is no artificial colouring which would irritate the skin, our ingredients are all cruelty free and vegan certified by PETA.

We are proudly Australian based and made, our self-tan water is gluten, paraben free and free of other toxins including silicone. So, if you have dry or sensitive skin you will be able to enjoy a dark natural looking tan without the risk of putting unwanted chemicals on your skin.

Tanning is made easy with our favourite application mitt, use the leather feeling side to deliver a flawless streak free tan every time. By using the mitt to buff the tan onto your skin in small circular motions you will receive a perfect finish every time. 

Now we haven’t forgotten about the face. Our tan water is super hydrating which is perfect for a sensitive area like your face. We created our washable, reusable vegan blending brush ideal for those tricky areas like your face, ears, hands and feet. This is because the soft bristles leave the same streak free results that you have on your body, on your face. 


Step Three: ENJOY

The last thing to do is sit back and admire all your hard work and enjoy that glowing, moisturised tan. 

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